It has become our daily life state of affairs to deal with the computational activities. By virtue of the language of ‘one’ and ‘zero’, the world around us is getting smaller day-by-day and we are getting connected to each other. Technological advancements in this field of digitization have made computers a part and parcel of our daily mundane life and a member of our virtual family. Storing records, making complex calculations, predicting future trends are some the major activities performed by it. In short, it is replacing the human intelligence by means of the artificial intelligence.

There are mainly three parts of a computer system. They are: hardware, software and firmware. Hardware is the basic building blocks of a computational system. They are visible and can be replaced on requirement. Software is a set of programs to coordinate the hardware and perform the critical tasks assigned to a computational device. Firmware is a set of inbuilt instructions which interacts with hardware and software. BIOS of any computer perform this task.

Following is the list of imperative software; those are needed for smooth operation of any computer:

  • Microsoft Windows Operating System
  • Internet Client
  • Office Package
  • File Compression Package
  • Windows Defender and Antivirus
  • Windows Media Player
  • PDF Reader
  • Windows .NET Platform
  • Java Platform


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