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Understanding the Significance of Computer Hardware

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For any frequent computer user, it is good to have a basic understanding of the computer hardware. The computer hardware not only includes the internal parts of a computer, but also the external devices attached to it. Irrespective of whether you are using a desktop computer or a laptop, here are the hardware parts that you must be familiar with when buying or upgrading a computer: Processor speed This is the speed of your computer processor, which is measured these days in gigahertz (GHz), with the maximum speed touching a high 5 GHz. For regular computing work like word processing or e-mails, any processor with nominal speed is sufficient. Higher processing is vital for applications like computer games, video editing, and analytics. RAM RAM is the temporary storage required by your computer to run any application. Insufficient RAM storage can slow down the running of your software applications. RAM in today’s computers is measured in gigabytes (GB) and is determined by your computer’s operating system and your software. Most application software recommends the amount of RAM that is required to run. Hence, you must ensure to check the same. Hard disk capacity The hard disk is where all of your computer’s operating system files, files created by you, and data downloaded from the Internet are stored. Ensure that your hard disk has ample free space to store additional data. The latest computers are equipped with a hard disk capacity of up to 1 terabytes (TB) or 1000 GB. Along with the capacity, the RPM speed of your hard disk is also vital for faster data retrieval. USB ports and Graphic card USB (Universal Serial Bus) is your computer port to which you can connect external devices including printers, pen drive, and digital cameras. Check the number of USB ports and its specification (for example, USB 3.0) for faster connectivity. If you are using your computer for high-end applications like 3D modelling and games, ensure that your graphic card is of the latest...

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