How we work

Microsoft Windows Operating System:

This provides the computer with the platform to operate other software packages. Previously this package was only on MSDOS environment and 8-bit in nature. With graduation of time, this package comes in 32-bit format, along with efficient graphical user interface (GUI). Windows 8 is the latest version of operating system in the world of operating system. The other operating systems are Macintosh, Linux, and UNIX etc.

Internet Client:

This provides the computer with the connectivity with the internet or commonly known World Wide Web (WWW). It fetches the IP address from the destination from the DNS server and connects with it. Generally the users are not needed to use the IP addresses directly to reach the destination. The website addresses are used for this purpose. These clients perform on the basis of Local Area Connection (LAN), Wide Area Network (WAN), Metropolitan Area Network (MAN), and Wireless Network (Wi-Fi). Some of the Internet Clients are Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, and Netscape Navigator.

Office Package:

This package provides the user with the benefits of creating and formatting any kinds of official and personal documents, presentations, and business records. Microsoft Word provides the user with the benefits of preparing document and formatting in proper manner. Microsoft PowerPoint enables the user to prepare presentations. Microsoft Excel and Access are used together to keep business records, prepare databases and fetch the records on demand. Microsoft Project allows the user to prepare an entire project professionally, with its flow chart, budgeting, timing, costing, and documenting. Microsoft FrontPage is used for preparing any webpage of web portal and uploading it from anywhere in the world.

File Compression Package:

This is used mainly to compress the big sized files or to compress multiple files into a single file. This package gains its benefit while using the mailing services. As the mailing services are limited by file size, this package allows big files to be compressed into smaller files and sent across. Some of the commonly used packages are WinZip, WinRAR etc.

Windows Defender and Antivirus:

Due to faulty usage of internet and other discs or storage devices, computers get affected with malware, viruses, and tracking cookies. These packages allow the user to remove potential threats from the computer and secure it. Some of the commonly used packages are AVG, McAfee, e-Scan, Norton etc.