Operating systems – the communication between computer hardware and the software

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Operating systems are defined as the communication that takes place between the hardware and the software of a computer. A computer system is nothing without an operating system. With the evolution of time, the types of operating system have changed. Below are the few types that have been used, or are being using now-a-days.

  •  Batch operating system: As the name suggests work done in batches. No user interaction is there. Programmer submits the work to the operator. The operator makes the batches and works be done. Drawback is, sometimes CPU sits idle.
  •  Time sharing operating system: It shares the time; people located at various terminals can use a computer at one time.
  •  Distributed operating system: Multiple central processing units serve multiple real time operations. Data processing is distributed among processors according to job doing efficiency.
  •  Network operating system: It runs on the server and it ability to manage data. The main purpose is to allow data sharing/file sharing and printer access to different computers in the same network.
  • Real time operating system: Real time systems are ones in which response time is very less. The system is best suited for scientific experiments, medical operation, industrial control, etc.

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