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We offer very specialized services to our users. They can be classified as per the following:

  • Configuration Services: We provide our users with the end-to-end configuration services for desktop computers, servers, and network devices.
  • Development Services: We provide our users with customized application and system software solutions as per their personal / business needs.
  • DNS Provider: We provide our users with server spaces at cheap rates, so that they upload their own websites / web portals for their personal / business purpose.
  • Laser based electro optic sensors:  The service uses latest technology and provide a wide range of electro optic system solutions. Highly recommended service by our professionals.

We also provide with very common services, other than the specific services mentioned above. Those are as per the following:

  • Maintenance of the Disk utilization,
  • Maintenance of the Multimedia services,
  • Maintenance of Hardware,
  • Maintenance of Application Software,
  • Providing users with the proper update patches of operating system, so that the vulnerability of their computers reduces to a great extent,
  • Providing users with online hardware maintenance services, so that the users can get the easy guide from the website and maintain the performance of the computer on a daily basis,
  • Providing users with the network configuration and server installation guidelines, so that they can configure the network services at their own places,
  • Selling peripheral devices at a discounted price, so that the user can get the required devices at their doorstep,
  • Selling device drivers, so that the system administrators can obtain them for their own business purpose.