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The world of software and software services is intensively competitive. There are thousands of companies in the market and many of them offer similar services.

So what sets Avipinc apart?

For one thing we do not believe in a one size fits all policy. We know your company is unique and its needs are unique. That is why we offer solutions that are tailor made especially for your business.

Our consultants come to your office, they analyse your operations, talk to your staff, get a good idea of what you need, and only then recommend solutions. And these solutions are specific to the applications you use and the systems that you have in place.

We also do not have a set cost structure. The cost is based on the work that we do for you and the time and effort that it takes to implement systems. So you can afford our services and if you are a long standing client, you also get reasonable discounts.

We have personnel who are good at training and they will conduct classes on various applications, their usage, their testing and their maintenance. These classes will help your company save cost and time in the future.

We believe in maintaining long and enduring relationship with all our customers. That is why many of the orders we get are repeat orders and we are the first point of contact whenever a company is altering its infrastructure or introducing a new technology for its operations.

The wide range of services that we offer from development and configuration to testing and maintenance across several domains gives us an edge in a competitive market. Whether you are looking for a consultant or a network analyst or a tester, you can be guaranteed that you will get superior quality services at Avipinc.

Want to know more about why we have the edge over our rivals?

Hire us and find out.